Justino’s Madeira Wines, S.A. is one of the oldest companies producing and exporting Madeira wine.
Its acquired know-how in the art of blending, its respect for traditional winemaking techniques and its constant quest for innovation have been the characteristics marking our success and our growth.
We are now an international company, recognised for its excellence and focused on presenting premium products to our customers, without losing sight of the history, tradition and authenticity that have always characterised our wines.

Our mission is “To do one thing only, but to do it well”.

Our motivation is born of our values, of close ties to the community and tradition, bringing dynamics and innovation so that we can produce wines capable of providing unique experiences and sensations that leave their mark on the people coming into contact with them, every moment of their lives.

Each glass of wine contains hundreds of years of ancestral knowledge, the know-how of bygone generations, the history and experience of people, families and human difficulties in the Pearl of the Atlantic, added to by its harsh, yet beautiful, landscape, which is its most striking feature.

In each new wine, we try to capture the heart and soul of each one of these people and bring it to our customers, in unique wines that tell of the different terroirs on our island.

Thus, we will pursue our vision of continuing to be the leaders in marketing Madeira wine, increasing its weight in the premium sector. Skill, excellence and authenticity are the values that guide our actions, and this is what we want to take to the four corners of the world.